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Sitawa Wafula’s Story

Malaika Activist of the Year 2013
East Africa Youth Philanthropist 2013
WINNER OF Google Africa
Connected Competition

As an eighteen year old, Sitawa was a victim of sexual assault. In the aftermath of this event she experienced significant depression, was suicidal and developed a mental health condition that she still suffers with today. With no support system and rising medical bills, she dropped out of university. She found it hard to keep a job, facing stigma and misunderstanding in the workplace.

Out of this experience, a decade of fact finding, and a burning passion to see all Kenyans have the chance to access proper support and information concerning mental health she launched My Mind My Funk.

Sitawa is now a three time award-winning mental health and epilepsy crusader. She has a certificate in mental health advocacy, sits on Kenya’s Mental Health policy review committee and serves as the Assistant Secretary in the National Epilepsy Coordination Committee. Sitawa is also building the mental health movement in Kenya through the website http://sitawa.blogspot.com where she shares her experiences about living with epilepsy and mental health problems.

She recently launched a free sms line 22214 that enables people living with mental health conditions and their families to get information and support.

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My Mind My Funk
Kirichwa Rd, Opp Light Academy Girls School, 2nd Gate on the Left
Tel: +254204400600 | +254773833189

Support Team:
FREE mental health SMS helpline 22214